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Great Day in Athens at
the UGA vs FL Baseball Game
Honoring Feeney--the Gift He Gave to 150

Being Their Second Chance

BIG Thanks to LifeLink and UGA Athletics 



A Non-Profit 


Call 911 Immediately

Start Hands Only CPR 

Do Not Think DO!


The protection provided by the

Good Samaritan and 911 Amnesty Laws


In Memory of Feeney Armistead

January 2, 1989 - April 15, 2022

I am a mom who lost her son. My son, Feeney, went into Cardiac Arrest, his friend did not call 911.  My 33-year-old son died because 911 was not called when Cardiac Arrest happened, and CPR was not administered. Feeney did not get his Second Chance!


"This should not have happened" says workers on the frontline-- EMS, Hospital and Police.


I am a mom who does not want any other mom, dad, sister, brother, family, friend, spouse, community to suffer such a tragic loss.


I want EVERYONE to not only Call 911 and Know CPR but have the natural instinct to Save a Life--Do not think DO!

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