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Feeney's Story

The story behind the Feeney Legacy Project begins with a boy, Feeney, and his mom, Kathy.

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My boy Feeney embraced life and everyone in it during his thirty-three years on this Earth (01/02/1989 - 04/15/2022).


In so many pictures, he stands with arms flung open wide with an exuberant grin on his face. A big dude, his booming laugh filled the room.


He loved so many things in life: his DAWGS and the Atlanta Braves with boundless passion; music (jazz, the Grateful Dead (new & old), Old School Rock, Phish, as well as most other “Jam Bands); wearing baseball caps; hiking and being outdoors; playing video games; his dog Fred; his cat Henry; making his friends and family laugh; dancing; exploring the world--Oh the places he could have seen!

He also loved pushing boundaries and living on the edge. Feeney believed he was invincible. A bad decision could be reversed . . . until the night it couldn't ... that night he made a spontaneous bad decision at midnight to go out with a friend to buy cocaine. Both ingested it (pure, no fentanyl). A small amount of cocaine put Feeney into Cardiac Arrest. Unfortunately, 911 was not called immediately. When the EMTs arrived, they were able to restart Feeney's heart; however, it was too late. Feeney was declared brain dead. In one night, we lost this vibrant life.

I lost my son way too soon, but my heart went "pitter patter" when Feeney's generosity showed up after his death--when his wish for organ donation happened with LIFELINK. To this day Feeney is making a difference to over 150 people with his organs, eyes and skin---lots of converted DAWGS!

While sitting at the hospital, only one thought provided me any comfort. I would create the Feeney Legacy Project (FLP) which has at its focus educating others to take action, to call 911 immediately and to learn CPR. Have the instinct and confidence to save a be someone's second chance.

If by sharing my son's story one life is saved and one family is spared the grief of loss,

Feeney's Legacy Lives on.


Let's save lives!

Kathy ❤ xoxo

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