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About FLP

The Feeney Legacy Project (FLP) educates kids, ages 13-45, that when with someone in medical crisis to immediately Call 911, have confidence to do Hands Only CPR and be someone's second chance.

FLP also reminds folks about the legal protection provided by The Good Samaritan and the 9-1-1 Amnesty Laws for those who take action in good faith to save a life.

Kathy Feeney Armistead, President of The Feeney Legacy Project, founded the 501c3 non-profit organization in memory of her son Feeney, whose death could have been avoided had 911 been called immediately and CPR been started immediatley.


Kathy has brought together a group of sisters, family and friends ranging in ages of 13 to 85 -- bound by their mutual love of Feeney and Kathy, each one motivated to ensure the FLP mission is spread to ALL.


It is the FLP's goal to teach all to have the natural instinct to save a life--DO NOT THINK, DO!--so that no one else experiences the tragic loss of a loved one.

You can be part of this grassroots organization by spreading the word:

Call 911. Administer CPR. Be Someone's Second Chance.

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