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April 14, 2024

Feeney's 5K Fun Run & Virtual Run

FLPers at Skyland Trail 5K Walk/Run
            September 9, 2023

The Feeney Legacy Project sponsored the Skyland Trail 5K Run/Walk and the Feeney's Doods team ran & walked helping Skyland Trail to remove the financial barriers for treatment for families in need. 

  • Feeney's Doods joined the Skyland Trail 5K for the second year. We are a group of friends and family of Feeney Armistead, who died tragically April 15, 2022. We miss him BIG!

  • The difficulty of folks getting help with depression and anxiety, was a topic that could get Feeney on his box: "It is a crime that quality treatment and help is so hard to find for the average American..."

  • So for Feeney, we Doods fight and run for ways to bring mental health to the forefront of healthcare--not an add on. If Feeney's Doods can make a small impact just maybe our friends, families and selves could be the best we can be rather than shamed, scared and lonely. 

WooHoo Feeney's Doods...

one of the top fundraising teams two years in a row!

FLP Launch Day - April 15, 2023

The Feeney Legacy Project
Decatur Legacy Park 

Calling 911 and performing CPR saves lives, but when confronted with someone in medical distress, would you immediately act? Every second counts. Will you be that person’s second chance?

  • THE FEENEY LEGACY PROJECT, a non-profit organization, launched on April 15, 2023, the date of the one-year death anniversary of the son of the organization’s founder, Kathy Feeney Armistead. Feeney may have had a second chance at life if 911 had been called immediately after his Cardiac Arrest and CPR started.  

  • The April 15th launch was held at Decatur Legacy Park and was well-attended by those remembering Feeney as well as by the public interested in The Feeney Legacy Project’s mission. Decatur High School students along with Legacy Park employees helped with the events logistics. A Free Little Library was unveiled, decorated with The Feeney Legacy Project’s logo and slogan as painted by local Dekalb School of the Arts student Sydney Eckard. The library’s books are branded with Feeney Legacy stickers. Founder Kathy Armistead’s heartfelt wish is to spare other parents, families, friends and neighbors from losing someone in the way she lost her son.                            “We must ensure that everyone knows to act quickly--Call 911, do hands only CPR and wait until help arrives. Saving someone in medical distress has to be a natural instinct.  Let's save lives--full stop. Don’t walk away from a friend in distress. Act. Be someone’s second chance."

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